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The Peru Family

Justice and I (Charna) met in 2012 while attending our 6 month AIT for the U.S. Army at Fort Gordon, GA. Though we got engaged quickly, we didn't get married until 12-13-2014. In 2016 while living in California, we found out we were pregnant with our son, Odin. Justice had just accepted a new work position for a company that not only required him to live on the east coast, but also, travel 85% of the time. So we packed up everything and headed back to my hometown in Florida.

After almost 3 years of barely seeing Justice, we seriously began to consider hitting the road with him. Plus we were unhappy in Florida. The year 2019 we finally started making moves to make it happen. After remodeling the truck camper and building out the truck we said, "Goodbye." to our rented house the 1st of September. We have been on the road ever since.

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