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Atlanta Tiny House Festival

Kids and water puddles....

This past weekend we traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for the Atlanta Tiny House festival. We were hoping our super single conversion would be finished, but the modifications hit a stand still until parts could arrived. At this particular festival, they had a section called Tiny Travel which included RVs of all sizes, vans, and skoolies. Over all a fun event!

I was actually tasked with not only finishing up and packing the camper, but also, accomplishing the 7 hour drive alone with our 2 year old son and dog. Surprisingly, everything went relatively smooth. We only stopped twice. Once for gas and the other time was due to my son demanding more juice. We opened up the camper and ate lunch at a rest stop in Georgia. I figured the kid needed to stretch his legs and the dog needed a bathroom break. The rest stop must have had plumbing issues because flies were everywhere! Seriously gross. We didn't stop for long.

We arrived in one piece and without any real issues. The event coordinators got us parked and our electric hooked up. I quickly set up the camper while Odin was still behaving favorably. Then laid him down for a nap once the air conditioner cold down the camper. The dog took his place under Odin's bunk and I too relaxed while we waited for Justice to land in Atlanta. Once he did arrive at Atlantic Station, we walked over to the shopping area to grab some food. We needed up eating at The Pig and The Pearl. It wasn't Justice's favorite, since he's a smokehouse snob, but I didn't mind my Sloppy Joe pork sandwich and Odin loved his smoked Mac & Cheese. Plus they had outside seating for Oso.

The actual festival was pretty fun. They had booths for kids activities, food trucks, and a good amount of exhibits to tour. We met a ton of curious attendees that were pretty surprised by our Truck Camper. Either they were floored by the idea or impressed with the remodel and features. We also met a few cool locals like Expedition Georgia. Feel free to click the link to read their post about the festival. The weather held out Saturday, but Sunday was full of shattered showers. Luckily, it kept the weekend temperatures cooler. Overall it was pretty fun. We really enjoyed attending and meeting everyone. Our next festival we are showcasing the Tiny Home Toy Hauler at is United Tiny House Association's Tiny LIVING Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. That festival is June 1st and 2nd. See you there!

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