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Holiday Gift Guide for Adventurers by Adventurers

No clue what to get that certain person for the holidays? Maybe this can help...

For the past year, we’ve really tried to focus on collecting memories through adventures rather than tangible stuff. When you live on the road with limited free space, you really have to keep those impulse buys to a bare minimum (this even pertains to groceries). Its almost impossible with a small child to not go as all out for Christmas as possible though. Odin is finally old enough this year to understand what the holiday season includes. We also really make a point to give Odin somewhat conventional experiences. That is why we come back to Florida each year to spend the holidays with family.

Some strange insight about Justice and I would be that we are TERRIBLE gift givers. We can’t keep secrets and we typically end up giving each other the gifts before the actual day. This is mostly due to when we need/want something we buy it ourselves. Though it doesn’t bother us, we don’t want to take the joy out of Christmas for Odin. So we are making a point to truely be conventional this year... for his gifts at least. What can I say, we’re creatures of habit. Haha

We did, however, think it might help others to create a quick holiday gift guide with insight in regards to living tiny, traveling, and exploring the outdoors. Plus we wanted to promote a couple small businesses, because they truely need our support this holiday season. *Also there is one affiliate link and a few referral links included. They will be stated. Otherwise they are just general links to help guide you.*

Lets begin from left to right. These were Justice’s stocking picks

At the beginning of the year, due to so much down time, Justice bought the Mavic Mini. Which was quickly exchanged for the Mavic Air 2. It’s become an addiction to see the world from above and these filters only make it even more beautiful.

-Rusty Butcher Proudly T-Shirt & Freedom Socks

We actually had not heard of this company until a couple months ago. Mark reached out with a couple truck related questions and after answering them we snooped on his instagram. This led us to his business instagram shortly after. We are HUGE fans of American Made products especially from cool people who start badass companies in their garages. We also love the daily updates on his highlander cows. Check out their Thursday(11-26)-Monday(11-30) deals here.

-Northern Parallel Inc. Mountaineer Beard Oil

Though I love their candles, Justice loves their all natural beard oil. It’s made right in Colorado with quality ingredients by Roxanne and her sister. We actually met her husband, Spencer, while out in Moab this year. Now our kids are best friends.

Next up, mine! My stocking was a little too small for my 2021 Husqvarna TE 250i which, in true us fashion, I received early a couple months ago.

Am I the only one that hates the god awful angles from both chest & top helmet mounts? I know I‘m not the only one that truly despises having to stick on the 3m mounts to a brand new helmet(or get them off OR have one fail and you lose your camera all together). If you know someone having to use either of those methods of mounting, this is the gift for them! This powerful grip can securely clamp on to the lower chin bar of your helmet(the sweet spot for the best POV angle) without it being permanent. I also bought the Gripper Mount Adapter Pack, because the extension arms allow for a more fine tuned camera position. Currently, Dango is running 25% off.

...absolutely needed, because(if you’ve been following us awhile) I made the jump from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke. I might not need it while we are here in Florida, but when we head back to Colorado it should come in handy. FMF is currently running 30% off appeal on their site.

- Plaine Products (affiliate link)

For about 6 months we have been using Plaine Products shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. More recently I have also added their Hair Repair spray & Beauty Oil(I get a dry scalp in colder climates). We initially made the switch due to RV/campgrounds never offering recycling. I don’t know why, but they never have a recycling bin. This company came highly recommended in a group I follow, because when you need to order more product they include a return label for the old bottles(they are aluminum). Problem solved! What we also learned was that when we traveled constant elevation changes the bottles did not pressurize. Which means no more wasted product from squirting bottles or worrying that a bottle could fall with the lid loosened while traveling off road. I cannot tell you how many times those things have happened to us, but not anymore. They are stamped with Made in American, Biodegradable, Leaping Bunny, Cruelty Free & Vegan, Certified B Corp, and a 2020 ThinkDirty rating of 0! This is our only affiliate link which means that if you make a purchase via our link, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you.

Code: tinyhometoyhauler for 20% off

Now for Odin’s stocking stuffers which are pretty simple since he has a Yamaha PW 50 with a big red bow hiding in my parents’ shed waiting to surprise him on Christmas day. He loves all things play dough though so Eco-Dough was a must(they are made in Maine & non-toxic). He is also getting some candy, because why not? Haha. All of which were added to our bi-weekly Thrive orders. Before you knock it, we would find ourselve in the middle of BFE and the grocery stores were super limited(these were towns were the residents grow/raise thier food not buy it) We basically buy & eat the same things so now we just plan a week or two at an RV/campground(usually to get laundry done, do maintainence that is needed, or stock up on food/supplies) and get it mailed there(sometimes even ahead of time depending on the campground’s rules). It took us almost a year on the road to learn this saves money, time, and our health. We got pretty complacent more times than not just eating crap drive thru food. Now we have no excuse. They also make it super easy to shop diet specific(we eat keto). Here’s a referral link: Click here to get 25% off your first order.

Last, but not least, Oso’s stocking! Our 93lbs fur ball just recently became an ambassador for Wolfgang Man & Beast. So of course we spoiled him with a completely new get up. Oso’s very first collar as an 8 week old puppy was a Wolfgang Man & Beast. I have pictures of him in it before he quickly out grew it. Beside that first one, he has had the same Wolfgang Man & Beast collar set since 2015. They have a Lifetime Warranty on craftsmenship and a Loyalty Warranty on damage, like chewing. We’ve never actually needed it though.

- Wolfgang Man & Beast X SeeSee Motorcycles They are having a Black Friday sale which is 20% off site wide Nov 23-30th. Use code: WGBF20 at check out.

- Resin Dog Tag w/ number on the back

Somehow Oso lost his name tag and county tag... No clue where. So I originally planned on buying a tag similar to this one off Etsy, but I got an itch to be crafty(plus I had a resin project already on my list). If you are interested in a tutorial, let me know. I can whip one up if anyone is interested.

You might have noticed this adorable painting of Oso I snuck into the cover photo up above. A friend from high school actually painted this the year Oso developed his seizures. It’s been a Christmas decoration MUST ever since. Kelly is truly talented and she somehow captures your fur baby like no other. I wanted to mention her work & business, Pawsitive Paints, because supporting small businesses means more than ever these days. I highly suggest snagging one of her Hand Painted Pet Portrait Ornaments. Here is her with her Etsy shop and socials. *Update: she is running a 20% off on her Etsy shop

A few things that couldn‘t fit in the stockings, but should still be considered:

This wife and husband duo, hand pour all their candles and melts in small batches in Kennebunkport, Maine. Their candles are a 100% natural blend of coconut and soy wax which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The scents are strong enough to fill a room, without any of the toxins so they are safe for pets & kids. My personal faves are Maine Pine & Homebody.

After RoamingRedPup pulled out one of these Poler Napsacks to stay warm on our trip that was during a fire ban in Colorado, I knew I had to have one. They are basically sleeping bags with arm holes and an open bottom for your feet. They are versatile and compact. So worth it.

Before we started traveling, I was getting pictures printed every other month costing me about a hundred dollars each time. I am that guy that is so afraid of losing a digital photo forever regardless of how many back ups of my back ups I have. Then I heard about Chatbooks through a friend. They have an app that you can build a photo book through and have it printed for whatever occasion. For the past 2 years I build a book as the year goes. As trips finished I would just quickly upload them into the app built book and then when the end of December rolls around I just hit print. Last year’s book was a $100(190 pages) for a hard cover and this year’s book is just under $115(213 pages) with a month to go. Truly so much easier and tidier. They too make awesome gifts for friends & family. Here is a Friends & Family referral link and a coupon code to save $10: CHARNAPERU-JA4N

We all know, woobies are the best and apparently trendy now.

...because we have a son and hate taking chances. Don‘t get me wrong, Odin knows not to touch our weapons, but we also understand his brain isn’t full developed... so yeah.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, email, or our instagram. This is our first time putting together a holiday guide. So we hope it was helpful.

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