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Chassahowitzka River, FL

Chassa-how-what?! Chass-uh-how-itz-kuh

The last two months we have been staying out in Homosassa, Florida. Why might you ask? Well that is 1 of the 2 RV repair shops our warranty work can be done at for the Truck Camper. The other happened to be in Colorado, but it was booked solid. It just so happened that we were planning on coming back to Florida anyways for truck upgrades, doctor appointments, quarantine wedding photography jobs for close friends, and a couple of other things that were later canceled due to the pandemic. Yes, we did travel from Colorado to Florida during the pandemic. Surprisingly it was like business as usual.

Chassahowitzka River Campground isn’t the most fancy of campgrounds, but it was simple enough that we really did enjoy it. It has limited spots that typically only filled up right before the weekend. Weekends the boat launch and springs were packed. Other than that it was relatively quiet and empty. The campground features a bathhouse, laundry, and dog run while hosting both tent and rv campers. If you are planning on camping, keep in mind that even though rules of the road typically dictate that you enter on the right side at a fork for a round about parking design, that is not the case here. Some sites were actually easier to access going left for backing up purposes due to trees. We helped numerous people during our stay with this information. One evening we got a knock on our camper door asking if we could help winch a man’s camper away from a tree after he got himself stuck up against it trying to get into a spot.


Even though the campground it pleasantly covered in beautiful trees, it does have deer flies and mosquitoes. No amount of DEET or Tiki torches kept the deer flies away. One morning a fellow camper asked Justice to help cut his wedding band off, because his deer fly bite was causing his finger to swell so much. Finally, by chance we were picking up mail from the store front and they had a product called White Mountain Bug Repellent. It is prodominately corn oil based, but damn did it work the best. Highly suggest it. Since it is a smaller town most shopping or food is about 30 minutes away. Luckily there is a Publix though about 10 minutes from the campsite.

One of the springs located on ‘The Chaz’, that also happens to be the closest spring from the dock is Seven Sisters fresh water spring. It is a series of seven holes that are connected by tunnels. If you are experienced enough, you can swim through them. The water is crystal clear and a refreshing 72 degrees year round. Usually its pretty populated since it is so easy to reach. Depending on who is occupying the springs it can get a bit ‘not very kid friendly’. We actually witnessed 1 pretty bloody fight between drunks and multiple rude boaters. Being respectable is kind of expected since there are some residential homes that are around the perimeter of the spring.

The Crack is a salt spring close to Blue Spring. You can technically walk to it from the campground, but it can be an adventure since the path isn’t really marked and it is rutted by hogs. We did make the trek once with our friend, Randy, and his family when they came to camp. Other than that one time, we paddled the couple of miles it takes to get there. It is usually less crowded, since its too shallow for boats to reach. There is a rope swing and beach areas to hangout. I personally am not a huge fan of salt water, so it was my least favorite. Plus the deer flies were more present there than Seven Sisters or the river.

A purchase we weren’t planning on, but took priority quickly, was a weBOOST. The campground has almost NO SIGNAL during the day. Don‘t event think about using your phone anytime past 11pm, because it doesn’t even exist. The campground WiFi of course was overwhelmed or weak as well. Which made it extremely difficult for Justice to get work done. So we bought a weBOOST and it worked out perfectly. No more spotty coverage or having to leave the blinds open just so signal could get in. Highly recommend!

Passed Out From Too Much Fun

Some gear we were constantly using or swear by would be:

1. Lono by BOTE

2. Explorer by ISLE Surf & SUP

4. Kula 5 gallon cooler

7. Badger Sunscreen(Active or Bug)

8. White Mountain Bug Repellent

9. Bedrock Sandals

10. Blenders Polarized Sunglasses

11. AeroPump by BOTE

12. Outward Hound Dog Life Vest

13. Boroux Glass Bottles

14. Boroux Insulated Metal Sleeve

15. WHOOP Fitness Tracker

*Hyperlinks included for affiliate support🙏🏼

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