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Plan A

This was our 'Plan A'. We, as a family, have been pretty conventional(kinda). Almost 7 years ago, Justice and I met in Augusta, Georgia while attending our training for the U.S. Army. Everyone warned us, but we just fell easily in love. Justice took a chance and proposed after just 2 months of knowing each other! I, of course, said, "yes." His unit back home in California allowed him to transfer to Florida since I was stubborn about not relocating. Two years later we finally found the time to get married and moved to California anyways. Two years after that, we got pregnant with our son and moved back to Florida since Justice's new job wanted him on the East Coast. Now two years into being parents, we have that travel and adventure bug itching at us once again.

After a few failed attempts to buy a conventional home, we reintroduced the thought of building a tiny home and traveling the United States. Mind you, we had only joked about this once before when we lived in California. We were living in a cottage that was less than 500 sq ft on an alpaca ranch. It was small and simple. The location had the weakest cell service and the water smelt of sulfur since it was pumped into the house from the well on the property, but we absolutely loved it! We spent more time outdoors adventuring than we did indoors surfing the super slow web. So we took the failed attempts at buying a home as a sign from the universe to look outside the box.

We Googled, 'Tiny Home Florida' and an amazing company popped up called Movable Roots. They were literally 30 mins away from us! After researching and combing through their social media, we preferred their craftsmanship and style over all other builders. We contacted them and began the design process. We also knew we would have to wait for Koala Financial to sort out the details on financing a custom build. We didn't see this as a problem since we when we spoke with them they were on the finishing touches stage of getting the ball rolling. That was back in December. Fast forward to March there had been no progress financially, but Movable Roots had already nailed down our beautiful 3D design. We began looking for feasible Plan Bs.

We needed something that didn't put us financially in the hole along with a structure that could in the future compliment the tiny home we still planned on getting. After what seemed like forever my husband sold me on the idea of a slide in truck camper. They are typically less than 100 sq feet and most of them don't even have a bathrooms. I thought we were crazy, but adaptation is key! In the end we found one, but that's for another entry. "Its not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." -Charles Darwin

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