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Zion National Park

09/14/2019- It been a little over a week since we packed up our entire house to hit the road full time in our truck camper(more on that in a different post). First stop was Utah for dōTERRA's annual convention in Salt Lake City. From Utah we left to head to California to visit family until we head to New Mexico for their Balloon Fiesta. On our way to California from Utah, we just had to stop in Zion National Park. We only had about half a day to spend exploring. We were limited on time and activities since we had the dog and kid.

We didn't do any research so we quickly learned that the main road we had previously drive through our last trip(Winter of 2016) was closed for the summer months. No big deal since the visitor center told us that we could take a side road that skirted the park and actually took you to the Kolob Reservior. We didn't have time to really hike. Plus it was like 100 degrees outside so the train guided tour was out of the question.

The drive was actually perfect though. The dog and kid enjoyed the views from the truck while we made our way to the reservoir. Ended up taking a couple pit stops to change diapers or take pictures. We arrived at Kolob Reservoir right at sunset and found a little dirt road that took us right down to the water. As a family we sat and took in the beauty painted in front of us.

From there we headed back the way we had came then drove to St. George to stay overnight. For more pictures of the quick trip check out our instagram: TinyHomeToyHauler

Feel free to ask questions(we will try to answer them) or leave your own tips or suggestions in the comments to help others in the future.

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